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Why Do We Need Advocacy?

Event planning is a unique industry with its own set of challenges. Event planners around the world all share in similar issues that require support for someone to lobby on their behalf.

We lobby to Government, International Agencies and organizations on our members behalf.

To Lobby the Government

An advocate will ensure that the government puts controls in place. These controls discourage vendors from holding you at ransom.

We help to protect the reputation and integrity of your business. CWEP offers affordable, accessible, and quality support to event planners across the Caribbean.

COVID-19 dealt a severe blow to the event planning industry around the world. In 2022 the industry started to recover, but it still has a long way to go.

For Educational Resources

CWEP promotes excellence in event planning, citizen empowerment, and industry education. We also offer tools and support to meet the challenges of growth and change.

Besides having a bulldog fighting for your cause, you will also need some education as a planner. You’re the one on the ground, so you need to know how to handle the more common situations.

CWEP offers training workshops and awards. We’re here to help any planner or supplier who deals with local or global events of any size.

We show you how to manage bids, search destinations, and determine availability.

We Educate and Advocate

CWEP is the perfect advocate, with its insistence on high standards and professionalism. We enable you to work alongside your couples and other customers.

We’re not about to tell you how to do things. We’re here to advocate for your ideas and bring them to life. In the end, your guests will have only one comment: this event was flawless.

Furthermore, our advocacy efforts extend into giving our partners the education they need. We want you to be able to promote their products and services. We ensure that you have knowledge and leadership skills. That will guarantee a sustainable events business that will grow.

The team at CWEP also strives to elevate the business acumen of its members. We do so through educational programs and other forms of support. In that way, we also bring greater awareness to businesses within the events industry.

Exploring New Frontiers in the Industry

Few planners have thought about offering online wedding planning packages. Yet, online is the way to go if you hope to tap into the international market.

CWEP will help you add that component to your business offerings. Check out our website for inspiration for decor and other details.

Technology solutions today act as an extended team of event planners. Moreover, this massive shift in the industry demands new education goals for planners.

It’s essential to be willing to learn how to use tech sessions and stay up to date on trends in the events industry.

You have the Benefit of Our Network of Venues and Suppliers

Explore our extensive network of venues and suppliers. We have reviewed each company featured.

“One size fits all” doesn’t exist when planning a wedding, nor does it work for other events. Every family dynamic is different, and so is each couple on a planning journey.

Traditions can be very personal. Thus, it makes sense for us to ensure that our clients can offer services that can support this diversity.

Your customers should be happy when they look back at the photos of their wedding day. They should see that they celebrated every smile, every relationship, and every moment. They need your help to create a memorable start to their life together.

We are more than a professional organization. We are your advocates and partners through your journey as a business.

The CWEP platform is excellent for networking and sharing ideas. It leverages creativity so planners can excel in their talent.

CWEP – a Regional Community for a Global Industry

CWEP is a leading wedding and professional organization.

It caters to the planners of events, meetings, and weddings.

We are a regional community of creative event professionals. We also play an active role in the global weddings and events marketplace.

This nonprofit regional organization represents Caribbean businesses and entities in the Wedding and Event Planning industry. It is a regional champion for event industry excellence and provides a platform for professional networking. Another key point is that it allows members to share ideas and leverage their creativity and talent.

Event Planning in 2022 and Beyond

CWEP is one of the region’s largest networks of business event strategists with members within all categories of the industry.

It advocates for the industry and showcases its members providing avenues for awards, conferences and business meetings/mixers.

As of 2022, CWEP is the only association for event service professionals in the Caribbean.

It offers networking opportunities and education to its members.

CWEP is a platform for professionals to share ideas and network. They can excel in their talent by leveraging their imaginations and creativity.

This organization adheres to high standards through its industry initiatives and advocacy efforts. It promotes knowledge, products and services, sustainability, and leadership.

Thus, it ensures the growth and development of its members.

Founded by a Leading Wedding Planner

CWEP's founder is Natalie John, the Caribbean's premier wedding planner and Eventex's 2022 The 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry.

John is the author of The Destination Wedding & Events Vendor Guide to COVID-19, released on Amazon in 2021. During its first week, the book had the highest number of downloads of any Caribbean publication that week.

It helps professionals develop an action plan grounded in operational best practices.

“We recognize that we are better when we come together,” says John. “We must be prepared to face adversity with a unified voice and a common agenda to create the safest environment for weddings and events.”

John is the owner of Dreamy Weddings Ltd, a Caribbean-based destination wedding planning company. Dreamy Weddings has a presence in 13 Caribbean destinations. She is also a member of the National Association for Black Wedding and Event Professionals in the US.