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Advisory Services

Wedding and Event Professional Advisory Services

Welcome to the Caribbean Wedding and Event Professionals’ website. We are the region’s premier non-profit wedding and event membership organization. Our talented team has the resources, knowledge, and style you need to make your event planning business a success. Additionally, we work with the most prestigious event professionals in the Caribbean. Thus, we have access to the best party/event venues. Are you an events specialist or a vendor within the events and weddings industry? Then this organization is for you. This website can assist you in networking with other creatives across the Caribbean.

Here are the benefits your company will gain from our advisory services:

Newbie Coaching

Are you interested in becoming a wedding planner/event professional but don’t know where to begin? Please take advantage of our coaching sessions now! Our training models give you the information you need. You’ll learn how to run a fully operational event and wedding planning business. Not to mention, you will collaborate with the most prestigious event planners in the region. Your business will stand out!

Destination Weddings – A Growing Market

Assisting foreign-based brides can be lucrative for your wedding planning business. As a planner, you can help with everything, from invitations to hotel bookings to menu choices. They will need on-site marriage license information and restrictions.

For example, you’ll need to tell them how long they must spend in country before they can get married. You may also need to coordinate accommodations, transportation, and most importantly act as the local resource to advise on the pros and cons. This market is growing, and remains a lucrative business for the Caribbean, if our standards are high maintained.

Event Planning Services

Is event planning your passion? Have others told you that you have a gift for event design, organization, or management? Do you want to network with other pros and begin to establish relationships? Create your portfolio today, visit our website, and sign up to be part of the CWEP network. We can help you with pricing: a ticklish issue. Why? Because each planner’s cost includes different services. You’ll also learn how to build contracts and do what it takes to be successful. We’ll talk through your ideas and give you professional advice.

Why Partner With Us

Partnering with CWEP can improve your results. CWEP will assist you in providing strategies and actionable insights so your businesses can achieve their goals and long-term vision.

We create an environment for our members to improve their services and product offerings whilst at the same time learning to compete with the community.

We will webinars, and training support to further growth.